List of Tips

1 Afraid of losing the message you're writing? Save it in the Drafts folder!
2 Can't find an important message? Press the Search button!
3 Want to chat with other safe-mail users securely? Press the Chat button!
4 Use Monitor to automatically check for new mail!
5 Use Spell Check to check your spelling before sending a message.
6 Finished using safe-mail? Don't forget to log out and close your browser.
7 Prevent spam! Accept only messages sent from addresses listed in your Address Book.
9 Want to publish a message to a group with customised version to each? You can with Publish.
10 Use Calendar to schedule your appointments and share with other people's calendars.
11 Archive and share documents securely in your Briefcase.
12 Save files in your Briefcase and share them with others.
13 Need to write a quick note? Use Jotter!
14 Use Photo Album to share your vacation's pictures with friends.
15 Need more disk space? Get Storage Plus.
16 Want your own Domain with multiple email addresses? Get Safe-mail for Business.
17 Need your data offshore? Get Safe-haven now!
18 Getting spam that always contains the same word?
     Use Filters to totally block these emails.
19 Want to tell others about who you are? Click UserInfo to tell them!
20 Learn more about Safe-mail in the online Help.
21 You can write messages in regular text or rich text.
22 The recipient isn't a Safe-mail user and you want to send securely? Use SafeBox!
23 Waiting for an important email and want to know when it arrives immediately?
     Use the Monitor, with a Popup Alert Window.
24 Confirm email addresses before sending your message.
25 Request a Read Receipt from the reader.
26 Attach a Visit Card to your message.
27 Seperate recipients' email addresses with commas or spaces.
28 You can attach up to 10 files to your message.
29 You can sort a folder's list of messages.
30 You can move messages from folder to folder.
31 The Read On field in folders tells you when a message was read.
32 You can delete the whole message, or just its content or attachments.
33 You can mark a message in a folder's list.
34 You can export your Address Book from an email client (like Outlook Express) to Safe-mail.
35 Use the Fast interface (only HTML with no pictures nor JavaScript) whenever you have slow Internet connection.
     It runs really fast, try it!
36 Press a folder's button to get to its first (latest) page of messages.
     Click the Folder's name link to return to the page you were in.
37 Beware of SCAM! Do not answer scam messages! (read more about scam)