Composing a Message


When you need to send a message, clicking Compose will open a window that will allow you to create and send an email message - as well as providing you with tools such as spell checking and rich text formatting, in addition to setting SafeBox permissions.

When you click Compose, an email message composition window will appear. 


In the composition window, you will be able to enter one or more addresses, type a subject, create a message, attach files, check spelling, select the SafeBox, etc.

Buttons and Checkboxes

The following is a description of the buttons and checkboxes available from within the compose page.

[send] - transmits message

[savedraft] - saves the message in the Draft folder

[spellcheck] - checks the spelling of the text in the subject and body

[richtext] - create the message using Rich Text format

[safebox] - send message via Safe Box. For more information about the Safe Box, click here.

[diskicon] - save a copy of the message in the Sent folder when you click Send

[HTML] - support HTML formatting within your message

[confirmicon] - after clicking the Send button Safe-mail will ask you to confirm the email addresses that you have included in the To:, CC:, and BCC: boxes.

[readreceipt] - asks the receiver to send a receipt when the message is read

[visitcard] - attaches a vCard containing information from your user info page. The vCard will not contain information that you have not agreed to publish. For more information on your user info page, click here.

Sender details

In the From field, your email address and User Info data will appear. If you didn't enter a Nickname, a concatenation of the Title, First name, Middle name and Last name will appear. For example: "Mr. Erik Jones" More...

Composing your message

To compose a message...

  1. Click Compose.
    The Compose window opens.
  2. In the To: box, type the account names (Safe-mail) and/or email addresses of the intended recipients.
  3. Type a short description in the subject text box, explaining the subject of your message. 
  4. In the large textbox at the lower part of the window, type the contents of the message.
  5. When you have finished writing your message, click the Check Spelling button.
  6. Once you have corrected any spelling errors, click the accept Spelling button, and then click the send button.
The size of a message is limited to the free space in the account, if the sender wants to keep a copy in his Sent folder. Else, it is limited to the account's quota. A message cannot be larger than 25MB.

To send a message to "", you can simply write "support" in the To field, if there isn't a nickname "support" in your address book. More...


To add one or more attachments to your message…

1. Click a browse button in the attachment section and select the file that you want to attach.

2. Once you have selected the file that you want to send, click 'Open'. You will return to the email that you are creating, except that you will see the local address of the file that you have chosen in the text box to the left of the Browse button that you clicked.

3. Repeat the process until you have filled each of the four attachment boxes, or until you have finished adding attachments

4. Click the Add Attachments button. Safe-mail will begin loading the file.

5. Repeat as necessary. 

NOTE: Safe-mail limits the number of attachments that you can send to ten. If you need to send more than ten attachments with a message, we recommend that you combine the attachments into a zip file, or send the attachments via more than one email message.