Composing Messages - FAQ

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When I write long emails I get kicked off in the middle. Why? What can I do to prevent my losing emails halfway?

For security reasons, a session that is idle for more than 60 minutes is automatically logged out. Therefore, if you are editing one letter for more than 60 minutes, you will automatically be logged out and the system save your work in the Draft folder. Notice that you can also save your work in the Draft folder, this is a good idea if you are writing long emails, because your computer can stop to work in the middle, and this also reset the idle time. Another option is to use the Monitor function in order to keep being logged in.

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Can I use the nickname in Safe-mail other than in the address book?

Since the address book is an integral part of the system, Safe-mail allows you to use nicknames within all of the system.

This means that you can enter a nickname in any field of the system and it will treated as if you entered the email address of the contact that is identified by that nickname. For example, entering a contact's nickname in the the Message Board's "Read permission" field will identify that contact to the system and set her or his read privilege. It is possible to enter a group's name to get the same action for all members of that group.

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In the fields To:, CC:, BCC:, etc., what is the difference between  a nickname and an abbreviation?

Safe-mail's default domain is "". This means that instead of sending an email message to "", you can simply write "support" in the "To:" field. Safe-mail will check if there is a nickname "support" in your address book. If not, the system will interpret it as " . In case you have such a nickname ("support"), the message will be sent to the email address, which is identified by that nickname.

The data in your address book has the highest priority in the interpretation of names. In case you want to send a mail to "" and you already have a nickname "mark" for "", you must enter the full email address "". Otherwise the message will be sent to "".

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How to add multiple recipients to an email message?

Recipient's names can be separated with comma or with a blank space. Therefore, is it possible to write "name1,name2,name3" or "name1 name2 name3". The rules for nicknames and abbreviations apply to multiple recipients as well.

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How to create an email message using contacts from the address book?

The easiest way is to compose a message and simply write the relevant nicknames in the To:, CC: and BCC: fields. The system will use the email addresses of each nickname.
There is also the possibility to access the address book directly and select the recipients using on of two methods:

  1. Click on the "Address Book" button.
  2. Select the names to whom you want to send the message.

  3. Select the sending mode for each name (To/Cc/Bcc).

  4. Write the message.

  5. Click on the "Send" button.


  1. Click on the "Compose" button.
  2. Click on the "To:", "Cc:" or "Bcc:" link. The address book will pop-up.

  3. Select the names you to whom you want to send the message, then click on the sending mode button (To:/CC:/BCC:).

  4. Click "Ok" to confirm.

  5. Now you get back to the compose page, with the relevant fields are filled.

  6. Write the message.

  7. Click on the "Send" button.

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How can I attach to a mail more than 4 files?

There are 2 ways to attach more than 4 files:

  1. After attaching 4 files, click on the "save Draft" button, and add 4 more attachment. A copy is saved in the Drafts folder but the compose function stays live on your screen listing the 4 attachments and showing 4 more fields in which to name more attachments.

      - The same applies to clicking on the the "Spell Check" button.
  2. Use the ultra-modern user interface.

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Can I insert hyperlinks into outgoing email from

Hyperlinks are sent as hyperlinks automatically. If you want to see what is considered as a hyperlink, change your mode to rich text editing:
In compose page, click on the Rich text.

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How many email addresses can I send mail to?

You can send to a maximum of 100 recipients in one message. Free users can send mail to a maximum of 500 recipients in 3 hours. Premium users can send mail to at least 1500 recipients in 1 hour. Please note that safe-mail has a strict anti-spam policy.

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When I try to send a message, why do I get the error "Not Authorized"?

Your current preferences don't allow you to send mail to email addresses outside of Safe-mail. To change this: press Pref->Security->Mail Security. Mark the button next to the words "Allow non-secure messages to be sent to recipients who are not users (no security)". Press the "Update" button.

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