Searching for Messages

When searching for messages, you can type your search term into the search box, and click the Go button. Or, you can click 'Advanced Search' to get more search options.

Advanced Search

After clicking the Advanced Search link, the following appears:



To search for messages

  1. In the Search section, go to the In/Not in drop box and choose whether to search inside the specified mailbox folder (In) or search everywhere except the specified mailbox folder (Not in).
  2. While still in the Search section, choose a folder to search in. You can choose a specific folder, or the entire mailbox. The default is the Inbox. You can also choose to select two other mailboxes to search simultaneously.
  3. If you know the address of the sender or recipient of the message that you are searching for, go to the Search For section. Select either Sender, Recipient, or Both, and type the address in the adjacent text box. If you are specifying the exact email address, select the 'Entire word' check box. Otherwise, you can use more than one word, as long as the words are separated by a space or a comma.
  4. In the Subject section, type one or more words that would be in the subject line of the email message that you are looking for. Each word must be separated by a space or a comma.
  5. Every message that enters and leaves the Safe-mail system is given a reference code. If you know that code, go to the Mail Ref section and type that code in the associated text box.
  6. If you know the time when the message arrived, you can narrow your search by going to the Date section and selecting a From/To date range.
  7. When you are finished selecting the search terms and search parameters, click Find Mail
  8. The result appear in the window.