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Can I use Safe-mailTM with Outlook or other pop servers?

You can use POP3 protocol for receive non-encrypted emails, or POP3 SSL/SMTP SSL or IMAP SSL/SMTP SSL protocols to send and receive encrypted emails. 

For more information on Outlook and using our POP servers, click here.

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I can't see the logout button on my monitor so each time I log in it tells me that I'm already logged in. How can I log out?

Take the cursor to the menu frame (top frame). When you view the cursor as an arrow (and not as a hand) press the mouse button, then poll it to the right - the menu frame will scroll. When you view the logout icon release the mouse.

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Can I skip the page and go direct to the login page?

Yes, type in the URL (https not http) and you will see the login page straight away.

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I received a message saying that my inbox is full. What should I do?

The problem is that you have either exceeded your disk storage space quota or you have exceeded the maximum number of permitted emails in any one folder (this includes your inbox). In order to receive more emails, you can do one of the following:

  1. If you are over your disk space limit, you must remove some of your emails to free up some space.

  2. If you are over the maximum emails per folder limit, go to the inbox and either:

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How can I block/unblock a sender or domain?

In order to block a sender or a domain:

  1. Click on pref,

  2. Click on mail control.

    Scroll down the page you see and look for the heading "Blocked users and servers"

  3. Enter the name you want to block and click on the arrow button ("--->").

    (If you want to block a domain, enter the domain name, and click on the arrow of the servers).

  4. Click on the update button.

In order to unblock a sender/domain,
  1. Click on pref,

  2. Click on mail control.

    Scroll down the page you see and look for the heading "Blocked users and servers"

  3. Select the user you want to unblock.

  4. Click on the remove button.

  5. Click on the update button.

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I have just logged in and see the message "You are already logged in". Why?

The "already logged-in" aimed to notify you that someone else is login to your account.

This is a security alert.

In case you get this alert, check what caused it.

The "already logged-in" message is probably caused by one of three reasons:

  1. You may not have logged out properly from your last visit to your Safe-mail account. It's always best to click the "logout" button prior to leaving your account.

  2. You may have inadvertently double clicked on the login button. In certain cases, some browsers send the page twice, and thus you are being logged-in twice. You can check this by looking at the IP and time of the other login to see if it is the same as current login or not.

  3. someone else is logged in at the account.

To look at your last login click on Pref/Mail control/Last logins.

Another option is from the start page and to click on the logins link.

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Can you explain the meaning of the different mail status I can see in the Sent folder.

An email that is sent to an internal user (i.e. a user of Safe-mail), can have the following statuses:

  1. Delivered - which means that the mail was delivered to the recipient's inbox.

  2. No such user - which means by default that there was no recipient either.

  3. Inbox full - which means that the recipient's inbox was full.

  4. A date - which tells you that the recipient had read the email at the date stated.

By this convention, when you send an email to a Safe-mail user, you know if it has been delivered and if and when it has been read.

None of this convention is relevant when sending emails to external Safe-mail recipients. For emails sent to external recipients, we do not know when it had been read, whether the user exists or not or any other details so we only display the word "Sent".

If the email was not delivered to the external recipient, you will receive an email, usually entitled "mail delivery fail", in your notices folder meaning that the mail was not delivered. If you don't get such a message (within a few minutes) you can assume that the mail has been sent correctly to the external recipient.

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I noticed that I do not get notification for new mails at notices, nor can I get these mails using pop. Can You tell me which mails are inserted to the notices folder?

The Notices folder contains mails which have been received using an automatic process.

The source from which mails received in the Notices folder originate are recognizable by the sender's account name.

Mails which are received from MAILER-DAEMON, postmaster, autoreply, auto.reply, no-reply, do_not_reply, imailsrv, mailadmin, postoffice, administrator, notify, listserv, listserver, mdaemon, daemon, mailer, noreply and nobody are inserted into the Notices folder.

No notification is sent for mails received in the Notices folder.

In order to be alerted to mails received in the Notices folder, we suggest you use IMAP instead of pop.

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How can I set an auto response when I am not available, on holiday etc?

Click on pref/mail control/auto-respond.

Set the dates you want to have the auto-respond operative.

Compose the message you want to display and click the update button.

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How can I change my outgoing name, my address is the mr @ but i want my first name and last name appears at the my address at the recipient like this <Mark Twain> mr @ How to do it?

  1. Click on the Userinfo button.

  2. In the nick-name field, fill the name you want to be added to your email address.

  3. Change the Publish setting to "Yes" (default is "No").

  4. Click on the update button.

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Which setting is needed for being notified to another email address about incoming mails to my Safe-mail account?

  1. Click on Pref. (Preferences)

  2. Click on mail control.

  3. Click on notification.

  4. At "Additional email address":

  5. Select the option "Yes, Please notify me at", Fill in the address at which you want to be notified.

  6. Choose which details you want to get (i.e. subject, from, mail-ref etc).

  7. Click on the update button.

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I would like to use your SafeBox feature in order to inform a group of several people about private issue. I understand that I can assign a password to each recipient so each can open their email in the SafeBox. If they need a password to open the email waiting in the SafeBox for them, how do I safely pass on their password to them?

If you want high security, you can send your friends the password using Fax, mail or telephone.

If you want medium security, you can send them the password using a separate email.

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I have problem accessing your site from my office can it be connected to firewall set at my office?

If your office firewall blocks the port 443 (which is used for SSL communication), it can prevent you from using the Safe-mail system. If you open port 443 for connection, you will be able to use Safe-mail system normally.

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How Can I close an unneeded account?

Click on Pref,

Click on "Remove me"

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Can you tell me how to set up filters for my incoming mail?

  1. Click on Pref,

  2. Click on mail control.

  3. Click on filter.

  4. Check the check-box "Activate filter"

  5. Fill the relevant filter data (filter according to subject, from to etc.).

  6. Click on the update button.

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How can I get a printable page of the mail I receive?

From within the page in which you are reading the mail, click on the printer icon to see a printable page of the mail.

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How can I send secure emails to outside addresses?

Safe-mail provides a service called SafeBox.

This service allows you to easily send protected email messages to any email recipient, even if the recipient is not a Safe-mail user or not equipped with a digital certificate!

Click here to learn more on the SafeBox.

If the recipient has certificate, Safe-mail enables you to send him S/MIME message, which is encrypted using PKI standard. For more information on PKI and other security protocols, go here.

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What is the fuction of the "un/mark" option?

The function of the "un/mark" option is to mark mails that you want special attention on them.

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How do I change the time setting of my account?

  1. Click Pref

  2. Click General

  3. Set the local time field

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Is it possible for Safe-mail to read mail from my other email provider account?

Yes, if the provider of this email provides pop access.

You can make a pop account:

  1. Click Preference

  2. Click POP

  3. Fill the relevant fields:

For the Incoming Mail Server field you should contact the other email provider.

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I want to change the interface. I choose by mistake another language-interface, and now I can't use my mailbox.

You can choose an interface for current session from the login page (below the password field). You can also change the interface for all sessions by clicking Pref, Design.

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When someone sent me a message he got a Mail-Delivery fail message, what can I do?

Please ask the sender to forward us the Mail-Delivery fail message he got.

Please verify that the sender uses the correct email address (i.e. not confused with (without '-' sign) or

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You may have blocked the address. To remove the block:

  1. Click the Settings button at the top menu.

  2. Click the 'Mail Control' tab.

  3. Check whether something is written in the box titled 'Blocked Uses.'

    If the address 123@456.789 appears there, that means you accidentally blocked it. (Clicking the 'block sender' button from within a mail makes the sender's address automatically keyed in the 'Blocked Users' section of 'Mail Control').

  4. To remove the block simply delete it.

  5. Click the 'Update' button at the bottom to complete the setup.

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Fraud! Someone is...

The incidence of fraud on the Internet has reached epidemic proportions. We at Safe-mail work hard to stamp out fraud wherever it occurs. We will terminate the account of any user that we find to be involved in fraudulent activity. 

If you find that someone is using their Safe-mail account for fraudulent activity, let us know as soon as possible at the following address:

When writing to us, please include complete copies of all fraudulent email messages - including the complete header of the messages. Fraudsters often claim to be sending messages from our system, when they are in fact using another system. Sending us complete copies of the messages in question will help us determine where the message is really coming from, as well as giving us the evidence that we need to take action. 

However, if you need information on a Safe-mail user that is engaged in fraud, we need a court order. Send it to:

P.O.Box 39001
The Hebrew University
Givat Ram Campus
High-Tech Village
Jerusalem 91390, Israel

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Do you close accounts after a long time of inactivity?

Accounts that are not accessed by a web browser or IMAP for 6 months will be deleted. You may open a new account.

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How can I read messages in another language?

Click pref, Language

The best option is the "Unicode (UTF-8)". This option is good for modern browsers + OS. It will let you write in any language (including more than two languages in one message).

"Not specified" (= any language) is also ok since it will let you to write in any language supported by your browser and your operating system.

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Can I change my username?

You need to register a new account. You can use an email client (such as outlook express) and IMAP to move emails from one account to another easily. To learn how to use IMAP, go here.

To close your account, open Preferences (Pref), click 'Remove Me', and follow the instructions on screen.

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I didn't get a message due to over quota, can I get it now?

Emails which exceed the quota are rejected and not stored anywhere. The sender of the emails was notified that you didn't get the message.

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When I am on a website and click to send an email, it goes through on my email client (such as Outlook Express). Is there a way to change this to automatically go through from my safe-mail address?  

You can configure your email client to work with Safe-mail using IMAP. You'll be able to send via Safe-mail (i.e secured, and a copy saved at your sent folder), using your email client. To learn how to use IMAP, go here

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Why did I got a legitimate email in the Junk folder?

Spam filters are not perfect, they can make mistakes. To configure your Filter junk behavior click Pref, Mail Control, General. We advice you not to check email addresses in your address book and in your Safe list (click Pref, mail control, Safe list to update it).

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Can I access my email w/a mobile device?

Yes, use the bellow URL:

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Why do I get a notification that I sent a virus while I didn't ?

The most probable reason is:

There are some viruses which works this way:

  1. The virus scans the email client (such as Outlook) address book and get two email addresses.

  2. The virus sends itself to one address with faked 'From' saying it was send from the second address.

Now if the recipient have anti-virus, it send the sender of the virus a notification. Since the anti-virus do not check whether the 'From' is faked or not, it send to notification to the 'From' field.

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If the sender does not capitalize the S in the address will I still get my emails?

Email addresses are not case sensitive, so you'll still get the emails.

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What is "Confirm addresses before sending" function ?

The confirm addresses option is used in order to check that all addresses are valid before sending, and if needed it enable you to correct addresses and test it again or send it.

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Is it a good idea to block spammers?

Blocking users is not an affective way to reduce spam, as the spammers often change their From e-mail, and in most of the cases the From address is not correct (they send an e-mail with a forged header).

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How do I block messages from coming through with attachments, like pictures?

You should use the Filters function. Click Pref, Mail Control, Filter, new Filter. You can choose in size section "with attach".

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When I receive email using my email client, the email says "According to user prefs, mail content is hidden for pop3 clients." Why do I get this message?

What settings do I need to be able to read the actual email?

Login to your Safe-mail account, click Pref, POP, in the "Outgoing mail server" section, change Download: to Complete messages.

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Why do I keep getting the same emails again and again in my email client?

Login to your Safe-mail account, click Pref, POP, in the "Outgoing mail server" section, change Download: to Complete messages.

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Why do you use SSL?

SSL is a technology that is the state of the art in security. It's always being checked by a lot of different people. It is also updated all the time.

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When I click on a link in email here, the link is opened in a new window inside a frame. I then have to click "remove frame" to make it go away. Is there an option I have missed to NOT open a link in a frame?

We are sorry for the inconvenience but the answer is no. The problem is security. Here is the technical explanation (skip it if it doesn't interest you):

If we would have opened it without a frame the browser will send the referrer URL, which contains information to the server. That's means that the page that you went to will get information about you, such as the session id. So we protect your information by doing this. When you click on the Close frame link - it will send only information about this form which is general to all user and doesn't contain any specific information about you. We have tried to do this automatically but it was technically not possible.

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What is taking my space?

To check what is taking your space:

- Click Pref

- Click Quotas

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How can I define my account so that my sent messages will not be saved in my sent folder?

Click Pref, Mail Control, Compose, uncheck "By default, keep outgoing mails in user's Sent folder"

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How can I "export" my certificate?

- Go to:
- Click on "Click here to download a certificate of a specific user."

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-------------------- Office interface Help ---------------------------

To delete messages:

  1. Select the emails you want to delete (use ctrl key for more than one)

  2. click (or double click on some of the browsers) on the right button of the mouse.

  3. Select delete

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To move emails between folders:

  1. Select the email you want to move (use ctrl key for more than one).

  2. Click (or double click on some of the browsers) on the right button of the mouse.

  3. Select cut

  4. Click on the folder you want to move the email to.

  5. Click paste.

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To create an address book:

- Click on "Contacts" on the left side of the screen.
- Click on "new" on the top side of the screen.

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How do I empty my Junk folder?

  1. Click on the Junk folder in the left panel

  2. Click the right button of the mouse (on some browsers you need to double click it) in the right panel where the messages are listed,

  3. Choose Empty folder.

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How can I call another Safe-mail user for a chat?

Currently you can't call other Safe-mail users to chat with the Office look. You can only answer a call of another Safe-mail user.

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How can I download emails to my computer?

You have two options:

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Is there a way to delete an attachment with an email, but keep email and text in body of mail?

Next to the Delete button there's a list-box, where you can choose what you want to delete.

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How can I move emails from one Folder to another?

  1. Select the email/s that you want to move.

  2. In the list-box next to the "Move To Folder" button, choose the folder you want it to move to.

  3. Click on the "Move To Folder" button.

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What do I do if I have a slow connection.

Use the fast interface. The fast interface contains only HTML with no pictures or javascript. It runs really fast, try it!

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I'm afraid of losing important papers when I am abroad?

Scan your important documents into pictures and keep them in the Album. By doing so you can be relaxed that you have a copy of them in a real Safe place.

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I'm getting spam that always contain some word, or that the sender email always contain some word.

Solution: Use the filter function to totally block these emails.

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I'm waiting for an important email and want to know when it arrived immediately?

Solution: Use the Monitor function, and enable PopUp alert window. When you'll receive email it will pop up, also with a sound.

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I'm tired of spam, want to get rid of it.

Solution: You can choose to accept only messages sent from addresses which are listed in your address book and send a notification which will allow the sender to register my address book and resend the mail. Most spammers use automatic mailers and will not response.

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