Safe-mail Publish makes the distribution of electronic newsletters simple, easy, and secure. With Safe-mail publish, you can:

With Safe-mail Publish, all you need to do is write your publication. Everything else is done for you.

Safe-mail Publish is available in two versions: Free and Premium

The free version has all of the features that the Premium version does, except that there are limitations in areas such as number of subscribers, manual registration, etc.

Using Publish
You can access Publish by pressing the Tools button and then clicking the Publish icon.

Running Publish for the First Time
When running Publish for the first time, an initial screen will appear, and you will be asked to setup your publication for the first time.

Setup an Email Publication
When setting up your publication, you will be asked to enter the:

Note: Subscribers will have the opportunity to unsubscribe automatically by clicking a link that is included with every email. It is important to note also that subscribers who unsubscribe cannot be automatically subscribed from an external source. This keeps automatic subscription from being used for harassment.

Adding Addresses
There are two methods for adding subscribers: Adding Addresses Manually and Loading Addresses from File.

Adding Addresses Manually
Adding a single address is simple and easy.

To add addresses manually…

  1. Click the 'Addresses' link in the toolbar,

  2. Type addresses and names (optional) where appropriate.

    You will have the option of entering a DropBox password. This is for those situations when you need to securely transmit your newsletter to non-safe-mail users. When specifying a DropBox password, you will need to make sure that the user knows this password.

    Note: Safe-mail users will always receive your newsletter in the secure mode and will never need a DropBox password.

  3. Click 'Invite'.

  4. Repeat as many times as is necessary. Remember that you can invite as many readers as you wish, but only the first 25 subscribers will be accepted.

If you have many addresses to add, we recommend that you load them via text file (described below).

Loading Addresses from File
The alternative to manually adding single addresses is to load multiple addresses via a single text file. This means inserting email addresses into a text file, loading the text file by clicking the browse button, and then selecting the saved text file.

When creating the address text file, make sure that each address is followed by either a:

Make sure that that you include a title line exactly like this:

Email, Name

All of the following lines should contain nothing but an email address and/or a name on each line.

The following is an example:

Email, Name, john, bob, bill, cindi

Composing Your Newsletter
Safe-mail Publish gives you the option of either composing the newsletter online via the compose tab, or creating the newsletter externally and sending it via external email.

When composing your newsletter, you can place special keywords into the text of your newsletter. During the mail-merge process, Publish will replace the keyword with text associated with the keyword. The following keywords are available for insertion into your newsletter:

Compose and Send
Once you have set up your publication and created your address list, you are now ready to begin composing newsletters for your publication.

To compose and send a newsletter…

  1. To create an email for publication, click the compose link.
    You may begin composing your message immediately. However, you have the option of composing your email in rich text. To create your email in rich text, click the Rich Text button. The window will change, providing several standard RTF tools.

  2. When you have finished composing your message, click Save Draft, or click Send. If you click Save Draft, a message will appear indicating that the 'Save' was successful.

    Note: You will have the option of sending your message in one of three modes: non-secure, Safe-mail users only, or DropBox Security.

When the DropBox security option is used, your message will be sent to Safe-mail users and those users that have been given DropBox passwords.

Remember that whatever option you use, Safe-mail users will always receive your message in a secure mode.

Reviewing the Status of Sent Messages
After sending your message, you can review the message, and it's status by clicking Sent Folder from the toolbar in the main window.

To review the status of a sent message…

  1. From the main window, click Sent Folder.

  2. Click the subject to review the message.

    From this window, you can review every part of the message.

    Note: Search functions within this feature are highly case sensitive. A search for the word 'Food' will not find instances of the word 'food'.

  3. Clicking the info link will cause the Publication Result window to appear. Click the hyperlinked numbers for additional information on the sent publication.

The Publication Result window provides access to the Recipients report that indicates the number of addresses that your publication was successfully sent to. The Publication Result window also provides information via Read report that indicates the number of readers who have opened the publication.

You can access the Recipients and Read reports via either the toolbar, or by clicking the first number (Recipients) and the second number (Read) in summary.

Recipients Report
The Recipients Report provides an address-by-address report of the status of your publication:

Read Report
The Read Report provides an address-by-address report that only lists the addresses of those that have read your publication.

Only those issues that have been read will appear.

Note: Safe-mail Publish will only be able to verify that an issue has been read if the recipients are Safe-mail addresses.

"Friend Brings a Friend" Registration
When composing an issue, you have the option of including a keyword that will insert a link into the publication. When this link is clicked, the user's web browser will open and prompt them for the email address of the friend that they wish to receive the email list.

When the user clicks Save, a confirmation message will appear.

When the next issue is sent out, a friend registered in this way will receive a copy of the issue.

Unsubscribe Links
An unsubscribe link will always be provided with each issue sent out via Safe-mail Publish. When a user clicks the Unsubscribe link, they will automatically be withdrawn from the subscription list, and a confirmation message will appear.

When a user unsubscribes, the user will appear in the subscription list as 'Rejected'.

Changing the Name of a User
There will be times when you need to change or add names to the Name column.

To change the name of a user…

  1. Click the user's address.

  2. Enter the user's name in the textbox that appears, and click Save.

Adding Attachments
When you have prepared your newsletter, and are ready to attach one or more files to your newsletter, follow the procedure below.

To add one, or more, attachments …

  1. At the bottom of the Compose Window, type the name and path of the file that you wish to attach to your newsletter. Alternatively, you can click the Browse button and navigate to the file that you wish to attach.

  2. When you have filled up each of the attachment boxes, or if you are finished adding attachments, click the More Attachments button.

  3. Keep adding attachments and clicking More Attachments, until you have included all the attachments that you wish to send.

  4. Once you have sent the issue, you can review the attachments sent with the issue by clicking the Sent Folder link in the main window, and selecting the issue that you sent.

Alt Subject
There will be times when you will want to add a secondary subject line to an issue that you have already sent out. This subject line can be anything from a note to yourself, to an additional summary of the contents of the issue.

To Add an Alt Subject line…

  1. Go to the Sent Folder and select the issue that you wish to update with the added Alt Subject line

  2. When the email report appears, click the Subject link.

    The Alt Subject box will appear.

  3. Type the text of the Alternate Subject in the text box, and click Save.

Once you click 'Save', the report window will refresh and the Alternate subject line will appear.

Saving Attachments
From the Sent Folder, you have the option of opening a previously sent email and saving any attachments to your briefcase.

To save the attachments from a previously sent email…

  1. Click the Sent folder and select the appropriate email.

  2. When the report window for the email appears, click "Save attachments to my briefcase".

    A separate window will open.

  3. Make sure that each attachment that you want to save has a checked box.

  4. Enter appropriate descriptions and version comments, where necessary.

  5. Select the folder that you wish to save the attachments to.

  6. Click the Save To button.

Reporting via BackOffice
With BackOffice, Publish brings a new dimension to the publishing of newsletters. For the first time, user reporting is integrated with email distribution.

The graphs, charts, and statistics available from BackOffice will provide information like:

This will enable administrators to evaluate the effectiveness and direction of their efforts.

Publish provides an unprecedented amount of automation and information reporting that no other newsletter distribution system can match. These automation and information reporting features are a part of what is called the Safe-mail Publish BackOffice. These reports are available in text form, as well as in chart form.

For more information on specialized BackOffice reports, contact Safe-mail.