Safe-mail Chat is a secure chat facility. All messages are encrypted. For those who do not have a Safe-mail account, it is a simple matter to sign up for a free account which automatically gives access to Safe-mail Chat.

If you want to have a secure chat with someone who is not a Safe-mail user, just send him or her an email asking them to go through the 15 second Safe-mail registration. Within seconds both of you will be chatting in total and absolute security. To register for a free account, point your web browser to and click the free registration link.

To contact another Safe-mail user via chat

  1. Click Chat in the top toolbar.
    The the Safe-mail Chat window opens.

  1. Type the Safe-mail user name in the first text box. You do not need to refer to the user's full email address, for instance, it is enough to use yourfamily, instead of You can also use a name as it is found in your address book.

NOTE: Address book entries will always supercede Safe-mail user names. For instance, if you have an address book entry called johnsmith, representing the address, typing johnsmith will not connect you to

  1. Type a subject in the subject text box and click Call.
    Safe-mail will notify the user that you are attempting to contact him or her.

NOTE: Unless the user is actively using Safe-mail, or has the monitor active, they may not respond immediately.

  1. After you have clicked the Call button, a chat window will open, giving you the status of the user that you are trying to contact.


  1. Type your chat message in the text box at the bottom of the screen. Note that, unlike some chat applications, pressing enter does not send the message. It adds a carriage return to your chat message. To send your chat message, you will need to click the Send button.
  1. To end your chat session, click Disconnect.
    A window will open, providing a scrollable summary of your chat session. 

You can send the content of the chat session to your inbox, by clicking 'Save'.