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Is this system completely safe to use?

Safe-mailTM provides an unmatched level of protection against invasion of privacy. Using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is a component of all current browsers, for all data transmissions and strong proprietary encryption for server security, it offers the highest possible protection for all email communications and file attachments.

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Should I install any software or plug-in in order to ensure complete security?

Safe-mailTM is the only completely secure communication system that does not need additional software, setup, cookies, plug-ins, helpers, routers or fire-walls to protect your email privacy.

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Does the system offer features besides secure email?

Safe-mailTM is a feature rich communication system that gives you more than any other system on the market. It enables you to create Message Board, filter the messages you wish to receive by issuing authentication certificates and much more. For a detailed description of the system's features visit help.

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Do I need to enter ANY information about myself to use the system?

Safe-mailTM doesn't require you to fill in any personal information in order to use it. The User Information section is optional and may enable other users to contact you on the basis of shared background or interests.

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Is it safe to write email through Safe-mailTM using a network terminal?

Absolutely. Your mail is encrypted from your terminal (browser) to our server, and from the server to the browser of the reader. This means that your account is completely safe and no one can access it, including Network personnel and all others. However, you need to logout and use the special security (go to Settings then General and click the box next to Increased security) or erase the browser cache to prevent the next person at your terminal from accessing your account.

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Is it safe to send or receive email over telephone lines using Safe-mailTM?

All communication from your computer into the Safe-mailTMserver is encrypted with SSL. This includes everything you send and receive, like attachments etc. Therefore, using a telephone line or reaching your mail via a not very secure ISP is not a security problem using Safe-mailTM.

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Is every activity done with Safe-mail (receiving/sending mails is secured)?

  1. Mails which are sent between Safe-mail users are fully secured. The connection between user A and the server is secured using SSL. The data on the server is encrypted using PKI technology. When user B reads the mail, the connection between the server and user B is secured using SSL.

  2. Mails which are received from external addresses such as hotmail are not secured. The connection between user A (the non Safe-mail user) and hotmail server is done with regular SMTP (i.e. not SSL/https). The connection between hotmail server and Safe-mail server is done using SMTP (again not SSL), and only the connection between user B (the Safe-mail user) and the Safe-mail server is secured.

  3. When you want to send a mail from Safe-mail to an external address (such as hotmail), if you send it in the regular way, it is not secured. We suggest to users who need to send securely to external users to use the drop box option. This is fully secure.

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How can I send secure emails to outside addresses?

Safe-mail provides a service called SafeBox.

This service allows you to easily send protected email messages to any email recipient, even if the recipient is not a Safe-mail user or not equipped with a digital certificate!

Click here to learn more on the SafeBox.

If the recipient has certificate, Safe-mail enables you to send him S/MIME message, which is encrypted using PKI standard.

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What is Safe-mail security means?

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I don't want other users to know when I sign into my Safe-mail account.

Press on "UserInfo". Choose "Publish: No" and press "Update".

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Can Safe-mail staff read my messages? Do you know my password?

We don't know your password. We can access data and/or delete an account *only* according to the Terms and Conditions in the Agreement.

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