OTP is now available

One Time Password (OTP) is now available and improve protection for Safe-mail.net users. OTP eliminates the threats from Keyloggers and other techniques to steal Static Passwords.

For a limited period of time this service is free of charge for all Safe-mail.net users.

Safe-mail.net development of the Mobile Phone OTP have started as we discovered that the main danger to security and privacy for our customers is currently from Malware installed on their PCs. In most cases users are not aware to this threat and could loose their Password via KeyLoggers installed on PC they are using.
OTP completely defeats this security hazard.

OTP is not a new idea. Traditionally, OTP is implemented on a dedicated small device up to a size of a Credit Card to replace a Static Password. Since Mobile Phones gained Java capabilities, it became possible to implement OTP on Mobile Phones as a Java applet. The advantage of eliminating the dedicated device is obvious.

Much has been published regarding OTP. We suggest that anyone who is interested in the general aspects of OTP will search the Internet for additional information.

Installation of OTP.

Read more about Safe-mail.net's OTP.

Please send your comments and suggestions to Comments at Safe-mail.net. Please send questions to support at Safe-mail.net and include OTP in the subject.

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Mon May 14, 2007