OTP setup

Currently, One Time Password (OTP) installation and setup is only available in the Sky and Traditional User Interfaces. Once installed, OTP replaces the Static Password in all User Inerfaces (UI).

For installation and setup of OTP go to the following:
Sky: Preferences -> Password -> OTP
Traditional: Pref -> Security -> OTP

If your default UI is not Sky or Traditional, the simplest way is to temporarily sign in with one of these UIs and to finish the OTP setup during that session. The OTP setup should not take longer than two minutes.

After a successful setup, sign out. You may now sign in again, with your default UI, and with OTP instead of your Static Password.

The most difficult part of the OTP installation is to type in the link on your Mobile. The download in simple and shouldn't take much time, just remember to use https and to accept the messages regarding the Certificate.
The only time you have to access the Internet is for installation. After installation execution of the OTP, doesn't need Internet connection and could done at any time or location.

Read more about Safe-mail.net's OTP.

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Tue May 29, 2007