Sending e-mail
Safe-mailTM enables you to send private correspondence, including attachments, to any other registered user in complete privacy and confidence. You can send messages beyond the secure environment (i.e. to e-mail addresses not registered at Safe-mailTM) as well.

You can also leave messages to people not registered at Safe-mailTM in a temporary mailbox that they have access to. They will then receive a notification that you have left a message for them in that mailbox. (You can choose this option in Mail Security.)

To send a new secure message, log in and click the Mailbox button. Then click the Compose button. Fill in the recipients (for local recipients just write their user names), the subject (optional) and your message. You can attach files to your messages by clicking Attach Files. (Please note that if you save your message as a draft the files will not be saved.) When you are ready press the Send button.

Separate more than one user name using a space, comma or semi-colon.

If you include a URL or an e-mail address in the body of your text they will be indicated by a link. The URL should be fully written, for example:

You can to add an address from your Contacts list to the 'To,' 'Cc,' or Bcc' section of your message:

  • Click Insert Address.
  • Check the box next to the name you want to add.
  • Click the arrow next to the name to indicate To, Cc, or Bcc.
  • Click Insert.

If you want to save a draft of the message you are working on so that you can send the message later click the Save Draft button. You will be able to access your unsent message from the Drafts folder and send it at a later time. You can't save attachments in the Drafts folder.

Safe-mailTM keeps track of the time each message was received and read. Upon sending a new mail a 'message sent confirmation' will appear stating the recipient, the subject, its type (local or external) and its status (sent or sent via non secure e-mail). You can choose whether or not to receive the 'message sent confirmation' in Mail Settings.

Safe-mailTM secure technology ensures complete message privacy.

Any message between two registered Safe-mailTM users is completely secure.

You can save a message you are writing in your Drafts folder to continue writing it later.