You can increase the size of your Safe-mail account!

By upgrading to Safe-mail Storage Plus you'll be able to:

Storage Plus is Ideal for individuals who want all the features and functions of Safe-mail but require additional disk space, folders and other resources to store more material than the standard 3Mb will contain.
To place an order, Select the program that best suit your needs:

Program Disk space Annual fee
Bronze 50MB $25/year
Silver 100MB $35/year
Ruby 250MB $60/year
Emerald 500MB $95/year
Gold 1GB $140/year
Platinum 2GB $240/year
Diamond 5GB $450/year

Safe-mail Storage Plus - FAQ

What is Safe-mail Storage Plus Service?

Safe-mail Storage Plus Service allows you to expand your Safe-mail account size from 3MB up to 500MB! So now you can store more messages and files and keep large attachments without having to delete as often!
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How much does the Safe-mail Storage Plus Service cost?

50MB account - US$25 per year.
100MB account - US$35 per year.
250MB account - US$60 per year.
500MB account - US$95 per year.
1GB account - US$140 per year.
2GB account - US$240 per year.
5GB account - US$450 per year.
For larger accounts please contact
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How do I register for the Safe-mail Storage Plus Service?

Please use our online payment system to pay for your Safe-mail Storage Plus Service. To sign up for services:
   1.  Log into your account.
   2.  Click on the "Upgrade Now!" link in the start page or in the Preferences/Quota page.
   3.  Select which amount of storage you wish to sign up for by checking the box next to the relevant amount (10, 25, 50 or 100).
   4.  Complete the online payment form.
   5.  Accept the "Terms of Service" and click "Click ONCE to complete Registration".
   6.  You will receive an immediate confirmation as well as an e-mail confirming your change.
It is that easy! You may begin using your new storage quota right away.
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Is your payment system secure?

Safe-mail uses a secure payment gateway to ensure that all your personal information is totally secure. We will not share any credit card information with anyone else and will only use this information to process payment for the service you requested.
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Can I pay for Safe-mail Storage Plus by check?

We do not accept fax or check payments for Premium Packages. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you are having problems paying for your service online, please contact
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What to do if I experience difficulties in entering my billing information?

If you are having difficulty with entering your billing information, please ensure the following information is correct: Credit Card Type: Please ensure that you have selected the correct credit card type.
Cardholders Name: Please ensure that the name you entered exactly matches the name appearing on the card you are using.
Credit Card Number: Please ensure that you have entered your credit card number correctly.
Expiration Date: Please ensure that you have entered the correct expiration date as it appears on your credit card.
If you continue to have problems, please e-mail us at
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Note: DO NOT repeat the payment process if all the above have been entered correctly.

What do I do if my credit card is not authorized?

Upon registration, your account quota is updated automatically according to your request, while your billing information is being verified. If your credit card company refuses for any reason to pay the amount billed to it, or if your credit card details are not correct, your Safe-mail account will automatically revert to the storage size of a free Safe-mail account and you will be asked to resubmit your Safe-mail Storage Plus request with a valid/correct billing information.
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Will you use my credit card information for any other purposes?

No, your credit card information will be used only to bill you for the service(s) you selected.
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Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.
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What happens if I cancel my Safe-mail Storage Plus Service?

If you choose to cancel your Safe-mail Storage Plus Service, then your cancellation will take effect at the end of the period already paid for and your Safe-mail account will revert to the storage size of a free Safe-mail account. Please note, new emails will not be delivered to you until you have reduced your Safe-mail account to the storage size of a free Safe-mail account.
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What is the status of my account?

You may view the status of your Safe-mail Storage Plus account as well as the expiration date of your service by following these simple steps.
   1.  Log into your account.
   2.  Click the Preference link on the navigation bar to the top
   3.  Select the Quota link.
   4.  Your Billing Status and active storage quota will be displayed.

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Do I need to pay if I only want the basic Safe-mail services?

No. There is no charge to use our basic service.
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