Safe-mail Overview

Safe-mail was established in 1999 to develop the Safe-mail secure communication and online storage system. The fundamental goals laid down then have been developed into a mature and secure environment in which businesses and individuals can exchange messages and store data in complete privacy and confidence. Safe-mail is the embodiment of everything we believe a completely private, fully mobile and easy to use communication system should be:

  1. It implements the strongest available encryption methods to achieve maximum security.
  2. It simplifies the user experience to the point where the security layer requires no special computer skills to manipulate complex encryption components.
  3. It costs considerably less than the deployment of conventional client/server email systems.
  4. Can be accessed from any location using any device/operating system with an Internet connection and without making any installation or preparation to the local machine. There are no downloads and no cookies.
  5. It is fully compatible with all other email systems and protocols.
  6. Provides a huge range of functionality beyond "e-mail" giving people and businesses a protected, regularly backed up, online (virtual) space in which data may be securely communicated, stored and shared with others.

Safe-mail is provided as a hosted service from our secure servers at both onshore and offshore locations. This means that processing power, storage and communication to third parties is all managed by Safe-mail's secure network of installations which gives users their own fully independent virtual space, encryption keys (PKI) and Digital Certificate. Check out the products and system features described elsewhere in this site.

During the past years, we have built a customer base of over 250,000 individuals and businesses in over 100 countries represented by financial services, wealth management, healthcare, counselling and news distribution.

Safe-mail is owned and operated by Secure Information Technologies Ltd, (SecITech) which is a privately owned company registered in Israel and with offices in Israel, the UK, and Japan.