Safe-mail Information Center

Welcome to the Safe-mail Information Center. This will be the first stop for answers to any and all questions that you have about Safe-mail.

However, we recognize that we might not have thought of everything. So, if you have a question that cannot be answered in these pages, contact our support staff. For more information on how to contact us, go here.


Overview of Safe-mail Features

Safe-mail is one of the most secure communication systems on the planet. We provide email, instant messaging, data distribution, data storage and file sharing tools in an easy-to-use suite of applications that allow businesses and individuals to communicate with each other in privacy and confidence. Because Safe-mail applies advanced encryption security at every point in the system, no one can intercept your messages, and no one can view the contents of your account.

You've chosen Safe-mail and made your electronic communications Powerful, Secure, Reliable.


The ultimate in secure communications for your organization. Create and manage multiple email addresses under your own domain, and much more. See what Safe-mail can do for your business!


A single account that brings together the best in email messaging for the individual user. Sophisticated tools, total security, and an easy-to-use interface. Your email has never been so good.

See what Safe-mail can do for you!


  • Extremely secure e-mail system - our communication system applies advanced security protocols at every level, from the moment that you log on until the moment that your message is received. This end-to-end security covers both messages and attachments between Safe-mail users, and when communicating with non-Safe-mail users (via SafeBox or S/MIME).

    NOTE: As with any secure system, security is only as effective as the user who uses the security features.
  • PKI security – 100% PKI compatibility providing unequalled privacy to Safe-mail users when communicating with each other and with non-Safe-mail users. All users can acquire a digital certificate on request.
  • Free Digital Certificate – Safe-mail users can communicate securely with non-Safe-mail users with their digital certificate (S/MIME) that Safe-mail supplies for free to all Saf-mail users.
  • SafeBox – Safe-mail users also have the option of using the easy-to-use SafeBox function to communicate securely with non-Safe-mail users.
  • Folders and sub-folders – Create folders and nested sub-folders, and organize your messages and files the way that's perfect for you.
  • Monitor – Know when messages arrive, the minute they arrive. Monitor is an online utility that alerts you when a new message arrives or when another user wants to initiate a chat session. Just keep the monitor window open, and you'll be informed of everything that goes on within your account.
  • Outlook™and other email clients – Safe-mail allows you to connect to our system via IMAP and POP3. All that you need is a standards-compliant email program like Microsoft® Outlook.
  • Dynamic virus protection – Safe-mail provides cutting edge virus protection. Every message that enters our system is subjected to a comprehensive virus scan.
  • Adaptive SPAM filtering – Safe-mail provides advanced, user modifiable spam protection that constantly adapts to the way spammers create spam. With Safe-mail, you will no longer need to worry about spam taking over your inbox.
  • Secure Instant Messaging – Safe-mail users can chat in real time with other Safe-mail users in complete security - from any machine, anywhere in the world. (Requires IE4+ or any web browser that supports SSL)
  • BriefCase – Advanced file storage and document collaboration. Create documents in collaboration with other team members using advanced version control. Your team can create marketing presentations, project reports, business plans etc. in complete security.
  • DocStore – A more simplified version of BriefCase, DocStore is a document storage facility that also gives you the ability to share your documents and files with other Safe-mail users. DocStore uses less space than BriefCase.
  • Publish – securely publish material to list members, for both Safe-mail users and non-Safe-mail users. Publish is an easy-to-use system for keeping multiple users informed of sensitive information in total security. Whether you want to distribute account statements, department notices, or just pictures from your latest ski vacation, Safe-mail Publish is the perfect tool for mass communication.
  • Bulletin Board – Safe-mail provides a Bulletin Board system that gives users the ability to open and administer their own public information boards. This feature is extremely effective for internal announcements and bulletins.
  • Address Book – The Safe-mail address book offers secure grouping and sharing so that users' private address books may be securely exported and imported between Safe-mail users.
  • Calendar – track time-sensitive projects, set meetings, and remember birthdays. The Safe-mail calendar offers secure sharing with other Safe-mail users - while enabling read-only or read/write privileges for other users.
  • Read Receipts – All messages are registered and tracked with the Safe-mail read receipt so that users know when their emails are delivered and opened by recipients.
  • BackOffice – For BusinessMail domains, a Back-Office for administering own domain, creating user accounts etc.
  • Localization – Send and receive messages in any language. But, we also offer interfaces in both Hebrew and Japanese.
  • Interface Choice – Safe-mail offers several interfaces for you to choose from. No matter who you are, where you work, or what machine you work on, Safe-mail has an interface that will fit your needs perfectly.

The system is available at any time and from any location using any device or Operating System be it PC or Macintosh, Windows or Unix, Sun or i-mode enabled wireless device.