Spam and Trash - FAQ


What can you tell me about unsolicited mails (spam)?

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How can I empty my trash file?

  1. Click on the 'Trash' button or link.

  2. Click 'Empty Trash'.

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I deleted some of my emails, but the quota remains as it was. Why is this?

When you delete an email, it is (by default) saved in the trash folder. The trash folder is counted as part of your disk space quota. So in order to decrease your consumed disk space, you should remove those emails from the trash folder as well. Click on the trash button, and delete the trash folder contents or selectively remove large emails.

There is an option in Setting/Pref --> Mail control, to select your preferred behavior of the delete function.

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Can items in TRASH be moved back into their original (or other) folders?

  1. There are 5 system defined folders:

    Inbox, Sent, Notices, Draft, Trash.

  2. You can only move mails to the trash folder (i.e. you cannot move a mail from the inbox to the notices or to the sent).

  3. You can also create a user-defined folder (click on the folders button)...

  4. When you have a user-defined folder, you can move mails from any folder to that folder.

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A message was rejected because my account quota was over the limit, but it's not over the limit, why?

This could be caused from two reasons:

  1. The email that was sent to you was bigger than the space that was left in your inbox.

  2. You had too many messages in your inbox.(to see your quota click "Preferences (Pref) --> quotas")

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I got an email which is not spam in the Junk filter, what can I do?

Emails are caught by the junk filter from several reasons, look at our page on spam protection to learn about the junk filter behavior. In order to adjust your junk filter behaviour , click on pref, Mail Control, General. Look at the Junk section in the bottom.

We advice you to check the "Do not check the message if the sender appears in my address book" and the "Do not check messages if the sender appears in my Safe List". This way messages that you get from people that are on your address book, or in your safe list won't be checked. To add addresses to your safe list: click Pref, Mail Control, Safe list Block list.

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