How Free is It? FAQ


Is it free?

Safe-mailTM public system is free for individuals for any purpose in accordance with the Terms Of Service.

Organizations will be required to buy the system that will then be tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

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Will the system remain free or do you intend to change it sometime in the future?

Our policy is to enable free service and we do not intend to change it.

Safe-mailTM has much more in it compared to other services and we would like to enable users to check the service before buying it. Actually, if the resources available for free are enough for you, you may use the service as long as you wish.

Features and functions of premium accounts and free accounts are similar. The main difference is in the quantities i.e. less names in the address book, less folders, filters, mails per hour, disk space, frequency of backup etc.

Free service also enables corporate senders such as banks, lawyers, heath care firms etc, to tell their customers to open a free account at Safe-mail so that they can correspond with their customers securely.

We therefore believe that the benefit derived from providing free accounts (3Mb) outweighs any reason to change the current position.

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Will I receive advertisements?

Safe-mailTM is completely advertisements free. Moreover, it gives you complete control over your incoming messages. You may filter the messages you wish to receive and also completely reject specific incoming messages.

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What are the quota limits?

There are 2 kinds of quota limit:

To find out how many emails you have stored and how much disk space they consume: You will then see how many emails you have stored and how much disk space they consume.

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