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Does the system offer features besides secure email?

Safe-mailTM is a feature rich communication system that gives you more than any other system on the market. It enables you to create Message Board, filter the messages you wish to receive by issuing authentication certificates and much more. For a detailed description of the system's features visit help.

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How much storage space do I have? How many emails can I receive? How big can the emails I receive be?

If you click "Settings and then Quotas it will show you your quotas setting. In general, the maximum number of emails per folder is 200 and the maximum number of folders per account is 10. Additionally, the maximum disk space per account is 3 MB. (This includes messages that are in the trash folder. Remove these to free up space.) Please see help then Preferences for further details. If you still have questions, or if you would like to increase your mailbox quota, please mail your request to: support@SAFe-mail.net.

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Can I use Safe-mailTM with Outlook or other pop servers?

You can use POP3 protocol for receive non-encrypted emails, or POP3 SSL/SMTP SSL or IMAP SSL/SMTP SSL protocols to send and receive encrypted emails. 

For more information go here.

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What is the SMS option at the notification details form.

The SMS notification is used for cellular phone companies who are giving their users the following service:

Each user gets an email address according to his phone number (for example 0562432123@cellular.com) and when a mail is sent to this address, it is sent as SMS to your cellular phone.

If you have this service at your Safe-mail account, click on Pref, mail control, notification, and set the notification address which is your cellular email address.

For each mail you receive in your Safe-mail account, a mail will be sent to the address as entered.

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What is the meaning of the asterisk in the fast interface?

The ascetic means that the mail contains an attachment. Because it is the fast option, we do not put an icon showing attachment.

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What is the function of the "un/mark" option?

The fuction of the "un/mark" option is to mark mails that you want special attention on them.

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Can I insert hyperlinks into outgoing email from Safe-mail.net?

Hyperlinks are sent as hyperlinks automatically. If you want to see what is considered as a hyperlink, change your mode to rich text editing:

In compose page, click on the Rich text.

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Is it possible for Safe-mail to read mail from my other email provider account?

Yes, if the provider of this email provides pop access.

You can make a pop account:

  1. Click Preference
  2. Click POP

  3. Fill the relevant fields:

For the Incoming Mail Server field you should contact the other email provider.

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