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What is "Nickname" in the address book?

A nickname is a descriptive name added to or replacing the actual email of a person. Nicknames are used to provide a familiar or shortened form of a full email. Sometimes in email terminology, the nickname is a part of the actual email address(i.e. it is possible to receive an email from:"mark" <>, in which "mark" is the nickname).

The Safe-mail system uses the nickname in a contact card to uniquely identify the contact and its email address. For example, if you enter "John" in the NickName field of your account's "User Info", any outgoing email from you will be identified as sent from: "John" <accontname @>.

Since a nickname is a unique identifier of an email address, it must be filled in at the creation of a new contact card in your address book that contains an email address. Consequently, using a nickname can substitute the typing of a full email address in email message composition, file sharing or in any other part of the system.

Let's say you save a contact card in your address book with the nickname  "mark" and email address "". From now on, any time that you will enter "mark" in a field that requires an email address (To:, CC:, BCC:, etc.) - the outgoing message or action will be sent to "".

Note: The nickname is restricted to a single word and cannot contain blanks and characters, such as @ ! / \ : * ? < > ` | " % ^ # ~ ; [ ] { }

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Can I use the nickname in Safe-mail other than in the address book?

Since the address book is an integral part of the system, Safe-mail allows you to use nicknames within all of the system.
This means that you can enter a nickname in any field of the system and it will treated as if you entered the email address of the contact that is identified by that nickname. For example, entering a contact's nickname in the the Message Board's "Read permission" field will identify that contact to the system and set her or his read privilege. It is possible to enter a group's name to get the same action for all members of that group.

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In the fields To:, CC:, BCC:, etc., what is the difference between  a nickname and an abbreviation?

Safe-mail's default domain is "". This means that instead of sending an email message to "", you can simply write "support" in the "To:" field. Safe-mail will check if there is a nickname "support" in your address book. If not, the system will interpret it as " . In case you have such a nickname ("support"), the message will be sent to the email address, which is identified by that nickname.

The data in your address book has the highest priority in the interpretation of names. In case you want to send a mail to "" and you already have a nickname "mark" for "", you must enter the full email address "". Otherwise the message will be sent to "".

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How to add multiple recipients to an email message?

Recipient's names can be separated with comma or with a blank space. Therefor, is it possible to write "name1,name2,name3" or "name1 name2 name3". The rules for nicknames and abbreviations apply to multiple recipients as well.

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How to create an email message using contacts from the address book?

The easiest way is to compose a message and simply write the relevant nicknames in the To:, CC: and BCC: fields. The system will use the email addresses of each nickname.

There is also the possibility to access the address book directly and select the recipients using on of two methods:

  1. Click on the "Address Book" button.
  2. Select the names to whom you want to send the message.

  3. Select the sending mode for each name (To/Cc/Bcc).

  4. Write the message.

  5. Click on the "Send" button.


  1. Click on the "Compose" button.
  2. Click on the "To:", "Cc:" or "Bcc:" link. The address book will pop-up.

  3. Select the names you to whom you want to send the message, then click on the sending mode button (To:/CC:/BCC:).

  4. Click "Ok" to confirm.

  5. Now you get back to the compose page, with the relevant fields are filled.

  6. Write the message.

  7. Click on the "Send" button.

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What is an Address Book Group?

Using address book groups, you can set up a distribution list and easily deliver the same message to a group of people. In your address book, a group can contain an unlimited number of contacts. The group's nickname can be used just like any other nickname. The difference, however, is that any action involving the group will affect all its members. For example, sharing a file with a group will allow any member of that group to access that file.

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How can I create a group and add members to it?

In order to create a group follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the "NewGroup" button.
  2. Fill in the name of the new group (let's call it "Team1").

  3. Click on the "Save" button.

The new group "Team1" was created.

In order to add members to the "Team1" group, follow the next steps:

  1. From the select box choose the group name ("Team1").
  2. Click on the "GoTo" button.

  3. Now you are inside the Team1 member list.

  4. Add new users the regular way.

If you've already added members and you want to move them or copy them to another group, select the relevant names, select the relevant group from the pop up menu, then click on the "Move To" button in order to move them to the that group, or on the "Copy To" button, in order to copy those names to the relevant group.

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How can I export my address book from my email client (such as outlook express) to Safe-mail?

In your email client:

In Safe-mail:

  1. Click Address book
  2. Click Advanced

  3. Click Import

  4. Click Browse and choose the file.

  5. Click Load book.

  6. Choose entries and click on Import.

For more details, see import/export for the Addressbook.

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