About Safe-mail

Safe-mail is the number one security email service designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for secure email communication. Backed by nine years of dedicated development in the communications industry, Safe-mail Limited is committed to providing a world class service for companies and individuals who demand that their personal and sensitive communications remain private.

With offices on three continents, our dedicated teams can reach out to you anywhere in the world to provide you with a service which will give you peace of mind that all your confidential correspondence will be read ONLY by the people you send it to.



You can contact Safe-mail on a variety issues by sending an email to one of the following addresses:


  • Sales: sales@Safe-mail.net
  • Technical support: support@Safe-mail.net

If you discover that a Safe-mail user is using their Safe-mail account for the purposes of fraud or sending spam, please send us a message describing the situation at:


When writing to us, please include complete copies of all fraudulent or spam-related email messages - including the complete header of the messages. Fraudsters and spammers often claim to be sending messages from our system, when they are in fact using another system. Sending us complete copies of the messages in question will help us determine where the message is really coming from, as well as giving us the evidence that we need to take action. 

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