DocStore is your own file storage facility that allows you to give access privileges to other Safe-mail users.

The DocStore function enables you to upload files from your local computer and store them in your Safe-mail account. From there, you can access them anytime from any location or download them and save them to another local disk. Great for people on the move.

You can also give access privileges to other Safe-mail users so that they also can download and work on your files from any location. Similarly, other Safe-mail users can give you access privileges to their files stored in their DocStore facility. This storage and access capability is protected by the same high level of encryption that ensures privacy for all other parts of Safe-mail.

However, if you need more complex features such as version control and additional read/write capabilities, then try the Briefcase.

To add files to DocStore...

  1. Click the Add New File button.
  2. When the 'Add New File' window appears, type a file description and browse for the file on your local computer or network.

Within each DocStore file you can add up to five documents.

  1. When you are finished selecting documents, click the Save button. 

To access the contents of a DocStore file...

Click one of the icons representing a stored document, or click the DocStore file title.

To enable other Safe-mail users to access your stored documents...

  1. Sharing DocStore files will require that you specifically give Safe-mail users permission. To give access permission and/or obtain access privileges to another user's docstore, click Access Privileges.
  2. The following text boxes will appear:

Once you have gained access permission to another user's DocStore, click 'Other's' to see the files that you have access to.