Safe-mail Secure Communication System

For some companies, securing electronic communications both internally and externally is critical to staying in business. Unfortunately, most solutions are too complex and costly and so many companies take the risk of not doing it at all. Outsourcing your secure communication needs to experts who know their job not only sweeps away the need to invest large sums in complicated hardware, it also removes the need to employ expensive resource to run it. We at Safe-mail have over ten years experience in the secure communications business. We know how to secure your communications.

System Features and their benefits

Safe-mail provides the following functions, features and benefits:

All these functions are fully integrated with each other and each provides the same level of high security.

Further features make Safe-mail fully compatible and interoperable with other systems:

The system is available at any time and from any location using any device or Operating System be it PC or Macintosh, Windows or Unix, Sun or i-mode enabled wireless device.


The Safe-mail system can support any type and size of organization, from small groups of 20 users up to many millions of users. User groups can be located in one location or scattered across many locations.

The sophistication of the Safe-mail design permits an installed and fully operational system to be simply updated to meet changing circumstances. In most cases, up-scaling the system can be done while the system is operating and without any down time. System maintenance costs are therefore much reduced.

Strategic Benefits for Enterprises and Consumers

The following summarizes the important and critical benefits that Safe-mail brings to enterprises and consumers.

Benefits to the Enterprise

  1. Secure Internal Communications:

    Statistic: Sixty to seventy percent of attack vulnerability resides in the people area.

    Source: eWeek, October 22, 2001.

    This means more security breaches result from sources within an organization than from external threats. Through state-of-the-art encryption and distributed infrastructure, Safe-mail secures an organization's internal communications from employee threats more securely than any other system. By using SSL encryption for shielding "live" communication and PKI for protecting stored content, only authorized personnel with assigned privileges can access the company's data.

  2. Secure Site-to-Site Communications:

    Statistic: Ninety percent of corporations and government agencies detected computer security breaches within the last twelve months; 80% acknowledged financial losses due to these breaches.

    Source: 2002 Computer Security Institute/FBI Computer Crime & Security Survey

    Statistic: The average financial loss from computer security breaches in 2001 was over two million dollars per company. The most serious financial losses occurred through theft of proprietary information.

    Source: 2002 Computer Security Institute/FBI Computer Crime & Security Survey

    This means that although the majority of security breaches result from within an organization's infrastructure, the most damaging breaches result from external intrusions into a company's network. Conventionally, organizations that have multi-site locations protect their inter-site communications with a VPN system. These are very complex and costly and security diminishes as user numbers increase. The statistics speak for themselves. Safe-mail's patented protection technology for stored content secures site-to-site communication far more robustly than any VPN system and thereby constructs a powerful shield against external threats. As user numbers and site numbers increase, the strength of the protection remains the same.

  3. Secure External Communications:

    Organizations want to communicate digitally with their partners, suppliers and customers but connections need to be secure. A Local Area Network protected by a VPN does not extend beyond the company's boundary. Sending data via the Internet with current solutions is inherently insecure. Any solution that attempts to secure data across the Internet is costly and complex. Safe-mail empowers companies to exchange digital information with their clients and business partners in complete privacy using any computer at any time from any location. There is no download of software and no installation of mail client programs to user computers thereby enabling complete, secure and unfettered inter-communication between all levels of industry and the consumer without penalty of complexity and cost. Where customers are individual consumers, they can simply register to the free service public site ( to establish the secure two-way link to their suppliers or their suppliers can enable the Drop box function within Safe-mail.

  4. Huge Cost Savings:

    Drop box, a component of Safe-mail, enables companies to convert their existing paper-based output for statements, bills and notifications into a digital format for bulk mailing to large customer bases. Utilities, banks and telephone companies currently expend vast sums in printing and mailing costs to distribute payment related information to their customers. Moving this process to a digital platform will create significant operational savings. The problem with most current Internet-based solutions that deliver the "one-to-many" mails is that they are not secure. Safe-mail provides an Internet-based solution that guarantees huge operational savings without compromising the highest level of security. Receivers of electronic bills will have the opportunity to respond by clicking the "Pay" button to authorize payment via whatever method has been set up previously. Sending checks or completing on-line credit card information will be consigned to history.

  5. Complete Mobility:

    Because Safe-mail functions 100% in the virtual environment, no PC needs to be configured to enable a person to communicate other than to have an Internet connection and a standard browser program. Not only does this reduce the maintenance burden of office-located computers, it also provides secure, reliable communication for all staff outside the company building giving them 24 x 7 access to the company's Safe-mail system. If the laptop or handheld is left at home, an Internet café will suffice.

    Additionally, administrators using the Back-Office module to manage the Safe-mail system also have complete mobility to use any machine in any location to perform any necessary admin. task.

  6. Short Learning Curve:

    Because of its intuitive look and feel, Safe-mail is easy to operate as an all-in-one communication application that requires little time to learn and therefore shortens training periods.

Benefits to the user within an enterprise

  1. Complete mobility gives staff 24 x 7 secure access to their corporate networks, regardless of their location and whether or not they have their own computer.

  2. Customer facing staff can communicate securely any time with their clients regardless of their location and whether or not they have their own computer.

  3. Because of its intuitive look and feel, Safe-mail is easy to operate as an all-in-one communication application that requires little time to learn and therefore shortens training periods.

Benefits to the individual home user

  1. Complete mobility gives individuals 24 x 7 secure communication to their friends, family and workplace, regardless of their location and whether or not they have their own computer.

  2. 100% compatibility with PKI allows individuals to communicate and transact with their banks, utilities, healthcare companies or any site that supports PKI to protect privacy without the need to install and manage key pairs or digital certificates.

  3. Patented protection technology provides secure storage of personal data and remote back-up. Lost/stolen computers, disk crashes and other misfortunes no longer result in the anguish of losing important documents and correspondence.

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