As a registered user you can reach your e-mail from any computer with Internet access and an SSL enabled browser. (Most computers have an SSL enabled browser.)

To access your private e-mail from your office, home, while on a business trip or anywhere else, enter www.safe-mail.net and click the Log In button. You will be asked to fill in your username and password.

After you login you will get your Start page, telling you how many new and unread messages you have, and giving you notices about your Message Boards.

More than one open session After you click the Log In button, you may get a security warning telling you that you are already logged-in.
This could be the result of ending a former session by closing your browser without logging out or it could be because the telephone connection broke or the electricity stopped.
If the IP of your new session doesn't match the IP of one of the currently open sessions, it can be the result of the following:

  • Your password was stolen and somebody else is using it to access your account. If you have a reason to suspect that this is the case, close the other open sessions by clicking the 'Continue' button and change your password immediately.
  • You are working with a proxy (your IP is changed every time you click a button).
  • The connection with your ISP broke; you made a new connection and have been allocated a new IP.

  • To log out from all of the currently open sessions simply click the Continue button. You can open a new session while leaving the other sessions open by clicking the Log In button.

At Safe-mailTM you can access your private e-mail from wherever you are.

The Safe-mailTM system is so secure that even your username and password are entered in a secure environment.