Abuse of Safe-mail.net
a message to our users

Since the end of January 2009, Safe-mail.net experienced malicious abuse of the Free Service for spam purposes.

As a countermeasure, we had to limit free registration.
While SignUp is not available, you may request a new account by sending an email message from an existing Safe-mail.net account. The request should include the desired new user name (and alternative optional names to be used if the name is taken) and a statment that the service Agreement was read and accepted by the new user.
Once the account is ready, a message will be sent to the originating account with an initial password. Please change the password (from Preferences) to something you prefer.
Requests for new accounts should be sent to Invite at Safe-mail.net.

Apart from the Free SignUp that is not allways available, the system is functioning well and existing users shouldn't experience any problems or restrictions.

Short explanation
An effective method spammers are using is utilizing PCs that were 'taken' by malware to serve as a kind of proxy. The main two purposes of this method is to hide the origin of the attack and to enable high bandwidth by spreading it over many thousands of computers.
This method is known as a botnet or a zombie army .
Much was published on this issue - users should read about it and be aware of it.
Here are few examples: Definition, Bots, Botnets and Zombies, Botnet, BBC botnet investigation, Hackers and spammers.

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March, 2009