The Economy of SPAM

The main drive behind spam is money. This is not how much it cost to get spam, but rather how much the spammer is getting for sending it.

Let's check just one of the many spamming profit models: spam via zombie PCs.

This is: 100,000 PCs x 10 Recipients/Minute/PC x $1/10,000 per message = $100/Minute. This is $6,000/Hour or $144,000/Day or $1,008,000/Week! Over one million dollars every week!

During one week that system will produces over 10,000,000,000 messages. This is over 10 Billion messages per one week from one spammer!!! One Billion is a thousand million or milliard.

Conclusion: $1 million per week is a strong incentive for sending spam and getting control over innocent PCs is one way to do that.

Note: innocent users, having PCs, could be prosecuted by law enforcing authorities for spamming or even worse activities ....

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