Originating IP in e-mail messages

It is a custom to add the Originating IP of the sender in each e-mail message. This is in addition to the IP of the sending server. The IP is included as part of the e-mail header.

We think that there is no need to add the original IP of the senders to the e-mail message. The original IP is the IP of the PC the sender is using to send the message.

We think that not reveling the sender IP is a legitimate need as part of the sender privacy. In any case of abuse there are ways to deal with such activities without reveling information of the whole community.

However, too many "spam fighters" (like SpamCop) blocks the sending server if the originating IP is not part of the header. This causes all users to be regarded as spammers and is in effect a collective punishment.

As a result, we include the originating IP for free users. Premium users retains their IP private.

Note: Safe-mail.net Anti-SPAM filter inspects outgoing message as well as incoming messages. Any account that engages in spam activity is being closed as soon as we discover this.

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