How much is known about you? protects your Data and Privacy

A lot is published about Internet Privacy as it is very important issue. This short document is to highlight the issue of Information Harvest that could reveal significant information regarding Internet users.

If you are not an experienced Internet user, we suggest that you read additional related information. Type Internet Privacy and related words, to any popular search engine like Yahoo or Google to find relevant material. Here is one good example.
A good location to start with is Protecting your Privacy on the Internet. The section Privacy threats on the web is a good example for those who are already familiar with the Internet.

Are you searching the Internet? Checking some of the search results? Getting and sending Cookies? Communicating with friends and associates via email and Instant Messing? Looking for things to buy over the Internet? Using your Credit Card for shopping?

Did you know that somebody is collecting ALL this information about you? Did you know that not only do they collect but also catalogue all of this information associated with your identity to build a full and precise profile of you? Has it ever crossed your mind that someone might be stalking you for commercial aims?

You probably know that this is the price you pay for using those free services. Is this a good value for the money you save? Using will reduce your exposure to this data harvest, besides protecting your data and all the other services you get.

THINK AGAIN! is not using cookies and not collecting any data about users. does not transfer, sell, trade or oterwise exchange any data it might have about its users with any other company.

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Wed Aug 27, 2008